You Are Invited!

An Overview of our E-session Locations

Each E-session was filmed at a unique location. This montage provides a short overview of each place.

Please note: The video is auto playing on “mute.” Simply hover over the screen and turn the sound on if you want to listen in!

Your Personal Invitation

As a pastor since 1992, I have realized that many people have questions on their mind about God and the Bible. Sometimes they tell me that they aren’t sure they should ask, but they wonder, “Why do bad things happen in this world—especially to good people? Doesn’t God love us, and can’t God protect us? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?

So many people have said to me, “Pastor, I have been trying to read the Bible, but I just don’t understand it. And besides, where did all these different versions of the Bible come from? Which one should I use? It’s just so confusing!”

And there are many other questions: “How can I know for sure that I will be in Heaven when I die? Has my life really mattered? Is there any help in the Bible for my personal finances? How can I make better decisions? Do you believe in speaking in tongues? Can a person recover from addictions?” And on they go…

All of these are good and fair questions—completely necessary—and they have caused me to really pray for guidance of the Holy Spirit as I have studied God’s Word to try to find answers for what I consider to be the toughest questions about life. This Journey of Faith is the product of that research and experience—trying to get at answers that will help you understand God better.

These sessions provide a framework to process these mysteries through a biblical understanding of what God has explained to us and really wants us to know. You might be surprised at just how much can be uncovered if you are willing to do a little bit of discovery in a guided setting. So many people with the toughest questions have told me that this study has helped them immensely. They tell us that this Journey is life-changing and we are so humbled by that feedback!

We are inviting you to Journey with us. I hope you will be glad that you did. It will be my joy to guide you every step of the way as we learn together. You will have an e-book and audiobook for every session, and we will be learning via e-sessions (all filmed at interesting destinations). All of this has been designed to encourage you and make your Journey with Jesus a success. I can’t wait for us to get started! There is no charge or even a need for registration. So, what are you waiting for?

Your fellow Journeyer,