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You Are Invited!
You Are Invited!

Know what you believe and why.

Find answers in the Bible.

Take a Journey of Faith with us!

About OJM

Only Jesus 4 Me, Inc. (OJM) was founded out of a deep desire to honor Jesus above all and offer the hope, healing, and answers that the founders have discovered in the Bible, and through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our vision is to bring to you practical and honest answers to life’s most troubling mysteries about God and the Bible. We are a non-denominational Bible teaching ministry.


Using technology, we are promoting and teaching A Journey of Faith to individuals who are seeking God and trying to understand life’s toughest questions.

More About our Teacher
What to Expect from OJM
More About our Teacher
What to Expect from OJM

Offering free of charge…

A Journey of Faith

Bible Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to God’s children?
Have you ever had doubts about your relationship with God?
Have you questioned your faith and the very purpose for why you were created?

OJM invites you to take a totally free Journey of Faith where we will engage with these subjects, and many others, in an honest and balanced way. Along the way, we will be discovering practical Bible truths that answer some of life’s most troubling mysteries about God. With Larry as your guide, we at OJM believe you will be better equipped to navigate the Christian life in a positive and faith-filled way. And who knows… along your Journey, you may even discover something that you will want to pass along.

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